Sunday, February 26, 2017

Kit Unveiled for 2017 Campaign!

With great pride Cumberland Athletic Club reveals the kits that will carry us forward in 2017!

Meet Your 2017 Wild Marys!

Cumberland AC had an excellent draft bringing in high quality talent from across the world. Below you will see precision forwards, sharp midfielders, high-flying defenders and dauntless keepers. Directed by our well-traveled and experienced coaching staff, we expect 2017 to bring thrills and trophies!

Our season starts March 3 on the road against Gateway United in a rematch of the BSL Cup finals for 2016.

Always: Per angustius fora ante!

Head Coach: Tim Sherwood
Director of Soccer Operations/Manager: Bob Bradley

Goalkeeper: Brian Rowe (LAG; RP)
Goalkeeper: Jake Gleeson (POR)
Defender: Steve Birnbaum (DCU)
Defender: Ike Opara (SKC)
Defender: Francisco Calvo (MNU)
Midfielder: Justin Meram (CLB; DP)
Midfielder: Chris Pontius (PHI)
Midfielder: Lloyd Sam (DCU)
Midfielder: Mike Grella (NYR)
Midfielder: Patrick Nyarko (DCU)
Midfielder: Patrick Mullins (NYC; DP)
Forward: Jordan Morris (SEA; DP)
Forward: Joao Plata (RSL)
Forward: Rodney Wallace (NYC)
Forward: Khiry Shelton (NYC)
Forward: Jordan Allen (RSL)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Joao Plata is a Wild Mary!

In the first round of the BSL draft, Cumberland AC took Joao Plata. Tim Sherwood said, "We love this guy, nicknamed during trials 'Pocket Forward' because he's so small you can just put him in your pocket. That plays to his advantage, because he's strong and quick. We expect to run up the numbers with Plata leading the attack."

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Re-Entry Player

Previous Re-Entry post has been rescinded, talks broke down.

Designated Players Retention Players 2017

Cumberland Athletic Club's braintrust has analyzed the opportunities and costs for the 2017 season and determined to expend the funds for a 3rd DP spot and will also keep a Retention Player.

Cumberland's DPs for 2017 are:

Jordan Morris (SEA)
Patrick Mullins (DCU)
Justin Merram (CLB)

Retention Player for 2017 is:
Brian Rowe (GK; LAG)

There was discussion about long time Wild Mary, Lee Nguyen, but it was determined that his best opportunities lay in the free agent market.