Sunday, September 11, 2016

Narrow Loss in BSL Cup Final

The Championship match appeared to come down to the woodwork, twice deflecting Kljestan's shots away rather than into the goal. Would that they had come home the match would have been then taken to extra time and ultimately PKs, if needed. But, there was more to the story of woe. The recently prolific pair of Patrick Mullins and Rob Vincent, whom recent history would suggest had a goal each in them, yielded nought. Quiet nights from Morris, Waston and Quintero sealed the fate.

In the end, a very game Gateway United, the Saints, bagged 5 goals to take the 5:3 victory in regulation.

Head Coach Preki said that he was proud, but dissatisfied. He will be conferring with his brain trust, including Tim Sherwood for retooling of the lineup in anticipation of the 2017 campaign.

As always: Per Angustias Fora Ante! (Through the Narrows Onward!)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

BSL Cup Championship!

The Wild Marys have exceeded expectations yet again. In only our second season in the league, Cumberland Athletic Club is in the Championship match of the 2016 BSL Cup. Our opponent is Gateway United who took the 2016 Honors Trophy.

The Wild Marys will forge on!

Jordan Morris (SEA)
Alberto Quintero (SJE)
Kendal Waston (VAN)
Patrick Mullins (DCU)
Darlington Nagbe (POR)

Sasha Kljestan (NYR)
Tony Tchani (CLB)
Justin Meram (CLB)
Lee Nguyen (NER)

Robbie Keane (LAG) Captain
Brian Rowe (LAG) GK

Rob Vincent (DCU)
Charlie Davies (DCU)
Jose Villareal (LAG)