Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Inaugural Draft for CAC

Cumberland Athletic Club had an excellent inaugural draft. Bringing in proven veterans and youngsters with excellent potential. CAC took an unusual path by drafting Bill Hamid, veteran goalkeeper in the first round. That was followed by defensive midfielder, Michel. The number of defenders and defensive midfielders taken was unusual for the league's offensive orientation. The philosophy, according to the owner and General Manager Edward Braddock (aka, "The General"), was "get the best athlete possible, the best scoring potential, positions are not the primary concern." Particularly fitting this philosophy is Jamaican defender, Demar Phillips. He possesses flying speed going forward and recovering with ease and a motor that will take him through the full 90. Combine that with devastating crossing abilities and he could be a league leader among defenders in assists. Omar Gonzalez should provide many 'snap headers' on goal (thanks, Dunny!). Lining up alongside forwards Robbie Keane and Charlie Davies will be veterans Max Urruti and Chad Barrett. Young forwards with tremendous potential to nurture are Pedro Ribeiro and Mark Sherrod. Filling out the midfield foundation of Michael Bradley and Lee Nguyen will be veteran (a strange word to use with such a young player) Luis Gil, Chris Tierney, and Michel. Youngster Andy Rose will be nurtured in this position. Coach Ellinger was quoted, "This is a team that can go places! Let's get to work!" Andy Williams also expressed pleasure in the selections, "Teams with versatility in the midfield are difficult to keep out of the net. I'm excited to begin building this into a team."

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present your 2015 Cumberland Athletic Club Wild Marys!

Goalkeeper: Bill Hamid
Defender: Omar Gonzalez
Defender: Demar Phillips
Midfielder/Defender: Michel
Midfielder/Defender: Chris Tierney
Midfielder: Michael Bradley
Midfielder: Lee Nguyen
Midfielder: Luis Gil
Midfielder: Andy Rose
Forward: Charlie Davies
Forward: Robbie Keane
Forward: Chad Barrett
Forward: Mark Sherrod
Forward: Pedro Ribeiro
Forward: Max Urruti

Friday, February 20, 2015

First Round Draft Selection: Bill Hamid

US International and all around stunning shot-stopper, Bill Hamid is the first draft pick in the history of Cumberland Athletic Club. With eye-popping saves (110) and shutouts (10) in 2014, Hamid's control of the goal is just what the Wild Marys need to be contenders in their first season in the BSL. Coach Ellinger was quoted as saying, "You have to build a soccer team from the back to the front, and Hamid is just the foundation on which we need to build." Andy Williams said, "He's no Jamaican, but he's still an amazing keeper!" At 6'3" and 225#, Hamid imposes his will on the 6 yard box with his strength, height and weight. Hamid tweeted on hearing the news, "Short drive from C-town to back home = happiness!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Expansion Draft Enhancement

In the 2015 BSL Expansion Draft, CAC was pleased to pick up two extraordinarily skilled and productive players: Irish international forward, Robbie Keane and US Men's National Team midfielder, Lee Nguyen. Coming off excellent 2014 campaigns both Keane and Nguyen are clearly top drawer players. Nguyen is in the prime of his career at age 28 while Keane still shows the enthusiasm and quick creative thinking of his youth, even if a step has been lost, at age 34. Keane was seen to tweet on hearing the news: "Cumberland has a new brew pub coming, so I'm there!" Nguyen was contacted by phone and said that he's "very happy to continue to work with his teammate, Charlie Davies" and looks "forward to developing on the field chemistry with Keane and Bradley."

The BSL 2015 Expansion Draft was held today via electronic communication on February 18, 2015.

CAC will be sponsoring a watch party for the BSL draft on February 20 at the Draft Sports Bar and Grille in Frostburg starting at 7:00 a.m.! Wild Marys (their own unique version of a Bloody Mary) will be served, naturally.
 Robbie Keane is expected to bring determination and creativity to the Wild Mary's attack.
Lee Nguyen's productivity is expected to be even better in 2015 with strong midfield support and poaching strikers sitting in front.